Client Rules

Every industry, whether it be sports, leisure, retail or entertainment, requires a certain level of etiquette.The sex industry or companionship business however, absolutely demands it. This has sometimes been lost on a few, much less desired, clients in the past. Because of this, they did not remain clients for long. So, that being said, here is a short list of requirements & expectations , all of which, I’m sure you will agree, are extremely standard for such rendezvous .


When enquiring as to a booking with any of our ladies , please ensure you have read her profile in full . So many people ring up asking questions which are already answered in their profile/s. If however, the answer to your question is not answered in your chosen escorts profile then please compile all questions to one (2 max) message/s. Continuous messages bombarding us with questions, rings alarm bells and you run the risk of not being seen. Likewise, our phone number is NOT a free sex chat line, so do not ring asking for details of escorts’ services in explicit detail.

Try and book in advance where possible to avoid disappointment and should you need to cancel, 24 hours notice must be given.


You will always be invited to shower at any of our ladies residence but where possible, please arrive fresh, clean and well presented. We understand that life is busy & complicated but anyone arriving with smelly, dirty clothes (work clothes not included) or stinking of cigarettes, booze or extremely bad body odour, will not be seen again or even turned away.

Any money to be paid for companionship must be paid up front and immediately upon arrival.

Please ensure that you have read your chosen escorts’ profile in full and what is required when arranging a rendeveu at her residence.

During Your Time Together

Just be a gentleman.

Don’t be rude, arrogant or aggressive.

Be passionate & loving

Treat her like a Queen because she will absolutely be treating you like a King.